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Advantages of HypnoBirthing

Returning birth to the safe, beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended

Eliminates Fear

HypnoBirthing addresses the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome (Dr Grantly Dick-Read) in such a way that allows women and birthing companions to understand, confront and most importantly eliminate their pre-existing fear surrounding pregnancy, labour and birth.

Reduces Need For Drugs

This course reduces, often eliminates, the need for chemical anesthesia, episiotomy, and other interventions. Babies tend to be more alert when they have not had any drugs pass through their system during labour.

Shortens Labour

HypnoBirthing mothers often report a shorter thinning and opening phase of labour, thus she doesn't feel as fatigued during labour. This leaves her feeling fresh, awake and energised as she brings her baby into the world. Bonding is enhanced because mother is alert and feeling great.

Reduces Risk of Tearing

HypnoBirthing encourages birthing mother to utilise the natural pulsations of her body to breathe her baby down to the crowning stage, rather than pushing for a long, exhausting period. This, in turn, reduces risk of pelvic floor damage or perineal tears.

Improves Bonding

The course will undoubtedly bring the mother, baby and birthing partner together in a wonderful prenatal, perinatal and postnatal bonding experience. HypnoBirthing sees the birthing partner as an integral part of the birth, not an onlooker.

Advocates Gentle Birth

HypnoBirthing  more often than not, reduces the need for medical intervention and allows for an undisturbed labour and birth leading to a more gentle experience for mother and baby. Thus mothers enjoys easier emotional and physical postpartum recovery. Importantly, babies are more settled, happier and better adjusted to life outside the womb.

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