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As a fully trained HypnoBirthing Practitioner working in Scotland, I offer Marie Mongan (Original Method) HypnoBirthing courses. My goal is to share this incredible course with you and your family which will leave you feeling educated, prepared and confident about your future birthing day. To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please click below.

Benefits Of HypnoBirthing

How HypnoBirthing will change you life

Eliminates Fear

Are you scared to give birth? Have you had a previously traumatic experience? Firstly, don't worry you're not alone and secondly it's great that you've found HypnoBirthing. One of the most important elements of this course is addressing the in-build fear women tend to have around birthing.

Reduces The Need For Drugs

Are you interested in having a birth free of intervention and drugs? Well HypnoBirthing promotes the gentle, calm birth of babies in a stress and drug free environment and this often goes hand in hand with no intervention. When you fully understand what your body and baby are doing, it all makes sense. HypnoBirthing teaches you exactly what is going on!

Learn Your Birth Rights

Pregnancy, labour, birth... it can all be a little overwhelming and often parents are left feeling 'out of their depth' or forced to do something because of what medical professionals are saying, instead on making their own informed decisions. Sometimes 'what the doctor says' is correct and sometimes  it is NOT!
Your birth is your right.. P.S you can say NO!

'I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel to have heard about HypnoBirthing before the birth of my first child. Having the education, tools & techniques to navigate that first journey of labour is 100% the reason why I managed to have a calm, positive, natural, drug free birth. Had it not been for HypnoBirthing it would have definitely turned out differently. I feel so blessed to have found HypnoBirthing, that is why I am so passionate about sharing it with other parents. It's a complete game changer - life changing.'

Lynne Tree


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Lynne Tree

Perthshire, Scotland

07841 371 232

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"When a woman changes the way she views birth, the way she births will change"

Marie Mongan

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